Vlog roundup

Hey lovelies! Thank you for following my journey – you support means so much to me! I thought I’d collect the last three vlogs and upload them in a nice and simple roundup.

1. At the end of last month, I was invited to be on a panel for the National Youth Theatre’s intake course, and here I share what I have learnt about being in the creative industry. I share thoughts about: my journey as a performer, conventional ‘training’, auditions and feeling all our fears – but doing it anyway!

2. Have you ever struggled with turning down an invitation, or being honest about how someone may have hurt you? For this vlog,  I share my thoughts on ‘setting boundaries’ and give simple steps on how we can set them in our relationships in a kind and loving way.

3. I was then influenced by the British philosopher Alan Watts and his idea that life is not a journey, but is similar to a piece of music; it’s not the final destination that counts or the final chords, but the playful singing and dancing during the piece that can help to enrich life. I also share my thoughts on ‘The Fisherman and the Investor’ fable, that comments on the idea of waiting for retirement to ‘enjoy’ life. Hope it sparks some thoughts!

Sending you all much love and light xx


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