Hey lovelies! Last week I posted my very first vlog on my Youtube channel! Thank you to everyone who has already watched it and for all of your love and support!

The reason behind this vlog is that lots of people have been asking about my life motto and I wanted to share with you all how it came about, and what it means to me…

About two years ago, my close friend’s parents passed away suddenly. This shattered us all as we all walked each other through the shock, confusion, pain and grief. From this season, I became acutely aware of how beautifully fragile life is.Β This season of my life triggered lots of changes, which included me leaving my full-time job in teaching to pursue my dream to be a professional performer again.

So, what does ‘life is but a vapour’ mean?

  1. “Vapour” = a substance diffused or suspended in the air, like a gas or smoke. By comparing life to vapour, I think about how it is something that we cannot hold onto or control. This becomes a gentle reminder to LET GO of things that are outside of myself, and to look inwards for a sense of purpose and direction instead of through relationships, careers and societal expectations.
  2. Transient = vapour is also impermanent; it is here and then it is gone. Like life, we don’t know when we too will be gone. Instead of allowing ourselves to have morbid thoughts, I choose to let this truth influence how I live each day. I want to be intentional with my choices by investing my time and energy into people and projects that both inspire and positively influence the world.
  3. Beautifully fragile = since vapour and life are temporary, this motto reminds me to be present in each moment – to try not to live in my past experiences or to allow myself to live in a future that has not arrived yet, but to simply be.

So – now you know! πŸ™‚ With all this in mind, I hope that we continue to live our lives by being intentional about how we use our time and energy, knowing that ‘Life is but a vapour’.



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