Good vibes only

Over the bank holiday weekend, I held a vision party; I gathered my closest friends to spend the afternoon reflecting on the first half of the year and to envision what opportunities we still wanted to seize. It was an afternoon overflowing with authenticity, vulnerability and positive energy.

My first vision party was at the beginning of the year in January – everyone came with magazines and boxes of treats. The teacher in me became high on ‘organising fun’, as I provided card, scissors, glue, glitter, stamps and sprinkles of cheesy affirmations. I was in my element! We all spent the evening discussing our goals and literally cutting and pasting a life that we could be proud of… We gave each other permission to dream and left feeling like we had an army of cheerleaders behind us. Our irrational sense of confidence was infectious and bold.

Cut to last weekend, five months later, this vision party had an extra layer of vulnerability. The bravado we needed at the beginning of the year, to get us started, had dissolved, and our familiarity with the purpose of the gathering revealed a layer of intimacy and honesty. We didn’t need the visuals of a vision board – we just wanted permission from each other to share our challenges and victories without judgement. Those that came to an event named ‘vision party’ knew it would be a space of encouragement and good vibes only. Negativity was shunned upon invite.

Some of the things that got us thinking were:

“Who are the people in your life that you know are your cheerleaders?”
“Share five victories that you’ve had so far this year.”
“Share three things that you are grateful for.”
“What unexpected challenge have you faced so far this year?”
“If you could achieve one thing by the end of this year, what would it be?”

After reflecting on the year so far, we found ourselves daring each other to want more… To believe in more… To dream of more… Not in a dissatisfied or greedy way but in a way that felt daring and ambitious.

Since the beginning of the year, we all feel stronger and are less driven by fear: five of my friends have been brave enough to leave jobs that no longer serve them; two of them are in the process of seeking jobs that are in line with their passions; two of them are having success with moving homes; one took the leap and went travelling independently; two have become badass managers; one has started her own business; none of them are settling for anything less than happiness and honesty in their relationships; and, all are gaining assurance that their own voices and needs matter.

I am so grateful for the people that I surrounded myself with. Each and every like, comment, smile, conversation, laughter or tear shared this year has been fundamental to my growth and I feel privileged that I have people to motivate and challenge me through all of life’s seasons. Gathering my friends once in a while has been my way to say ‘thank you’, to celebrate aspirations and has been a reminder that we are not in this journey alone.

My vision is to keep the momentum between us going, and to continue stirring each other on. With our individual successes so far this year, who knows what boundaries we are yet to cross…

Watch this space. We ladies are coming for it all – unapologetically.


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