Unapologetically – do you

Of late, I have been more active online and have been more open to sharing my life experiences on such a public platform. At the start of last year, I decided to make conscious decisions to say ‘yes’ to opportunities that resonated with the life that I wanted to live, and in the process to feel the fear and to do it anyway!

Over time, each conscious decision has encouraged me to connect with more people, to choose myself over distractions, to leave the security of a full-time job and to open myself up to an exciting, loving relationship.

Since last year, I have travelled to Hong Kong, Bali, Thailand, LA, Munich, and Amsterdam. I have been in two exciting productions with the National Youth Theatre and have connected with such talented, exciting and creative people. I have experienced the brutal sting of rejections that comes with being in the creative industry, and have also been a leading lady on the West End and across the UK/EU in ‘Thriller Live’. I have received several shining reviews of my performances, and one not so encouraging one, and have swallowed that fact that not everyone will be my cheerleader. I have learnt how cut throat the entertainment business can be, and how easily your path can change in life if you allow others to write your story.  Mostly, I have learnt that trying to please everyone is exhausting and is detrimental to my potential impact on the world. Through it all, I have been constantly reminded how precious my friends, family and wider circles are and how fundamental we all are in stirring each other on.

As I allow myself to evolve, I am noticing that my presence online is slowly but surely growing. Whilst the majority of the comments and reactions have been supportive, affirming and igniting, some have been subtly critical…

“You’ve changed.”

“Yes. And I hope I continue to do so.”

I understand that my growing openness online leaves me vulnerable to other people’s opinions; yet, getting to know oneself is hard enough without having other people implying that your growth is negative. Yet, I am learning that as long as I try to always check-in with why I share my experiences (both the victories and the struggles), I will be resonating with my desire to be transparent about my journey in order to positively influence others.

Call me crazy, but I love to hear when people have taken a step toward living a life that they are proud of – especially when it’s someone I know or admire. I’m the kind of person who loves sharing other peoples’ great news on whatsapp groups, gathering people to vision parties, sending hand written letters and arriving with balloons!

I am a singer/ performer, drama facilitator, qualified teacher and mentor. I enjoy sharing my growth online, since the introvert in me can connect with people in my own time without feeling drained. I don’t have the budget for a PR team (yet) – so let the hustle begin! 😉 I often post links to what I am up to, share pictures, events, and recognise the people I care for online as I am proud of the things and people I invest my energy into. I take time to write, to sing, to audition, to invest in myself and the people I love and my hope is that at least someone will be ignited by my journey.

Often, we’re told to turn down the heat in order to not provoke judgement, to not boast or to not make others feel uncomfortable by change. But, I don’t feel okay with allowing myself to shy away from who I am growing into or feeling guilty for investing in myself. I just don’t get negative comments; blowing out someone’s candle will not make yours shine brighter, as they say.

I hope that my vulnerability and transparency also inspires you, and gives you permission to also dream, authentically share life experiences and – do you. Unapologetically.


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