Passion, Persistence, Patience

I had the privilege of being interviewed this week and to have shared my unconventional story of returning to the creative industry. I talked to so many young people with a desire to dance and felt so strongly to share that with passion, persistence, and patience, opportunities to be creative are around – we just need to keep sharpening our skills, resilience and perspective during the process.

“Britt Quentin and Vicky Pasion, both Thriller Live lead vocalists, also answered the boys’ questions and spoke to them about being in the show and how they started their careers.”

Read this article on the Eastern Daily Press website.

One of the young people also wrote a review of the workshop and show: “The four main vocalists were out of this world. They showed us the passion that was put into every song, this was shown not only in their vocals but in their facial expressions aswell. I was lucky enough to meet Britt Quentin and Victoria Pasion during the day. You could feel the passion and see how humble they were to be performing the King of Pops music. They even gave the time to give me some advice on going into this profession.”

Read this review on Norwich Eye.



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